Alexander Ross Group

Our Backstory

While philanthropy has changed dramatically over the generations—new powerful software, social networks, and more—the fundamentals are the same. Philanthropy is about recognizing our responsibility to serve others and fundraising is about galvanizing relationships. It was my grandmother, Anna Margaret Ross Alexander, who sparked and fostered my devotion to philanthropy and fundraising. She was a dedicated civic leader who served dozens of nonprofits ranging from educational and healthcare to faith-based and neighborhood organizations, during her lifetime. I am privileged to continue her legacy.

Why a Dragonfly?

You may have noticed a dragonfly in our name. Why? Many reasons. Dragonflies represent our philosophy of service. They undergo dramatic metamorphosis, including new wings that enable them to soar! Dragonflies have exceptional vision – because they can see a complete 360 degrees, they have a clear and realistic understanding of their surroundings, from many different perspectives. Finally, in flight, dragonflies will subtly shift their balance to accommodate changes in the wind. They seem to be floating effortlessly, but in fact, constantly adjust to new realities so they can stay on their path. The Alexander Ross Group is a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations transform and grow. We maintain a realistic and vigilant eye on an ever-changing environment. When the wind changes direction, we can help you stay focused on where your organization plans to go next.