Alexander Ross Group

About Us

Alexander Ross Group is a trusted and experienced Chicago-area-based fundraising consultancy. Principal Shannon Alexander oversees each project and brings in senior-level consultants as needed. Our firm understands the needs of nonprofits because every Alexander Ross Group consultant has served on the staff of one or more nonprofits, providing leadership in development, marketing, public relations, and nonprofit management.

How We Work With You:

Strategic and Practical. We know bold, yet strategic thinking is the best way to accomplish organizational goals. We share our expertise in the science and art of fundraising along with best practice in management and giving, to build creative, targeted, real-world fundraising plans.

Flexible. Your organization is ever-changing. We’ve worked for nonprofit organizations and truly understand that while you may initially bring us in for one goal, other “hot” issues have a way of asserting themselves to the front burner. Alexander Ross Group is here to help, to provide counsel to your current and changing needs.

Total Customization. Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities. Alexander Ross Group offers customized solutions. We develop plans specifically tailored to meet your needs.